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Vladimir Igorevic ArnoldE' morto Vladimir Igorevich Arnold; credo di aver studiato su uno dei suoi libri editi da Editori Riuniti ... Vi ricordate quelli fatti così:

A questo link trovate il suo curriculum vitae (di tutto rispetto), che non a caso è quello di uno dei più grandi matematici del nostro secolo.
A quest'altro link, invece, una biografia dettagliata, nella quale si afferma che:

"An excellent overview of Arnold's contributions is given in the citation for the Wolf Prize awarded to him in 2001:-
Vladimir I Arnold has made significant contributions to an astounding number of different mathematical disciplines. His many research papers, books, and lectures, plus his enormous erudition and enthusiasm, have had a profound influence on an entire generation of mathematicians. Arnold's Ph.D. thesis contained a solution toHilbert's 13th problem. His work on Hamiltonian dynamics, which includes cocreation of KAM (Kolmogorov- Arnold- Moser) theory and the discovery of "Arnold diffusion", made him world famous at an early age. Arnold's contributions to the theory of singularities complement Thom's catastrophe theory and have transformed this field. Arnold has also made innumerable and fundamental contributions to the theory of differential equations, symplectic geometry, real algebraic geometry, the calculus of variations, hydrodynamics, and magneto- hydrodynamics. He has often discovered links between problems in diverse areas.
Indeed the number of different disciplines in which Arnold has worked is truly astounding. The areas are Dynamical Systems, Differential Equations, Hydrodynamics, Magnetohydrodynamics, Classical and Celestial Mechanics, Geometry, Topology, Algebraic Geometry, Symplectic Geometry, and Singularity Theory".

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