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'sti comunisti....

"It's a shame Berlusconi is so preoccupied with his own survival, because his country is in big trouble." 
Ah sì ??!! E poi:
"In La libertà dei servi, Maurizio Viroli writes that Italy has succeeded "in the political experiment of transforming, without violence, a democratic republic into a court which has at the centre a feudal lord surrounded by a plethora of courtesans admired and envied by a multitude of people with a servile spirit."

Daje.... E alla fine:
"The real point, though, is that the problem is not that some women got into Parliament through a bedroom; it is that men and women, journalists and professionals, have given up their minds and principles rather than their bodies."
Ecco, appunto......
Ma tanto non siamo mica noi ad essere messi male - sono loro che sono "comunisti"....
Grazie a CANDIDO NEWS per la segnalazione.

Hasta luego.

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