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Because the possibility was out there

Da OMG Ubuntu che riporta un'intervista via IRC a Mark Shuttleworth:

"What motivated you to invest in making free software and Debian user-friendly?

“Because the possibility was out there”,

You know the answer to the question, “why do you climb dangerously high mountains”?

“Because they are there”

Life is something we get to use up, once and once only and we should do the boldest, scariest, most important thing with our lives that we can dream. I felt free software could be all the things we want Ubuntu to be: easy to use, free of charge, sustainable, beautiful but nobody else seemed to be interested in getting it there and it wasn’t going to happen by itself, It needed a community that was single-minded about THOSE specific goals. Not the things that people seemed to care about, nothing wrong with the kernel community, or the X community, or the other distro communities. I just didn’t see anybody who was caring about usability, people, beauty, quality on the desktop.

If you think something is possible and good and you have the time and resources and nothing more important to do then you should do it and thousands of people seem to agree, because they help build it.

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