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    Sms da Minetti a Barbara Faggioli 9/1/2011
When he'll shit in his pants for Ruby he'll call and remind of us... now he pretends not to get any call

Telefonata di Minetti a Maristelle
«Tonight we'll be a few. He said a mess happened because that Ruby asshole said something and she's slagging us»;

Telefonata 11/1/2011 Da Minetti a Clotilde Strada
N: there's a limit for everything I don't give a fuck if he's the Prime Minister and that is... He's an oldster - that's it
     I don't let me take the piss... He's doing like a shit
C: we knew
N: 'cause one that acts like that is a piece of shit. Because he put me in the mess like just God knows... I'd not be there even if I put all my efforts. I protected his ass and he can't dare to do so.

Telefonata da Minetti a Clotilde Strada
«I don't give a fuck if he is Prime Minister or, that is, an oldster and stop. I don't give a damn, I don't let me take the piss. He's acting like a piece of shit to save his flabby ass»

Una vera madreLINGUA si sarebbe espressa così, damn!!

Hasta luego

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