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We let them go ...

... and they "[...] get funded in just 19 days [...]".

That's what happened to Marco Palladino, a 22-yrs old italian guy, who first
"[...] started looking for funding for his startup. For roughly 2 years, he and his cofounders met with every last investor on the Italian Peninsula and without any success [...]"

Eventually, they
"arrived in Silicon Valley in January 2010"

where they got funded by
"the [...] original Youtubers Kevin Donahue and Dwipal Disai."

Even though the sum was not huge (about 100.000 USD), why did they find so much trouble in getting funded here in Italy?
Oh dear, because:
"In Italy, the investor community is smaller and has less money than in Silicon Valley. Therefore, they don’t want to take a risk by investing in a new and innovative model – they want to invest in something proven and secure. Thus, they fund models that already exist, which ends up slowing down local innovation as a consequence"

Thus, all in all
"the American dream is still up and running" - well, what about the *Italian* dream? I think we're still deeply asleep about the matter ...

You can read the whole story on Techcrunch.

Hasta luego.

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