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UPDATE: il Post ri-approfondisce la questione soprattutto in merito alla libera interpretazione del Tg2 
UPDATE 2: anche il maestro Mantellini riprende l'argomento

"Rot" (letteralmente: "marciume") è uno degli aggettivi più gentili che questo articolo di Newsweek (noto settimanale comunista, sia ben chiaro) dispensa nella sua impietosa descrizione della situazione italiana in merito alla condizione femminile.
Si inizia subito con una descrizione del prime time sulla TV italiana, visto attraverso le veline di Striscia La Notizia:
"That’s how prime time is in Italy. The parade of prurience is inescapable, an expression of the rot that’s now manifest at the very top of the Italian government, a reflection of the society’s deeper problem with the evolving role of women".

Si continua poi con una precisa attribuzione di responsabilità:
"while other European lands actively promote gender equality as a builder of national prosperity, Berlusconi has led the charge in the opposite direction, effectively stifling women by creating a world in which they are seen first and foremost as sex objects instead of professional equals".

Dal World Economic Forum di ottobre e dal suo report sul gap tra i generi si legge che:
"In every category but education, Italy lags badly: in labor participation, 87th place worldwide; wage parity, 121st; opportunity for women to take leadership positions, 97th. In the report’s overall ranking, Italy now places 74th in the world for its treatment of women—behind Colombia, Peru, and Vietnam, and seven places lower than it did when Berlusconi returned to office in 2008. “Italy continues to be one of the lowest-ranking countries in the EU and deteriorate[d] further over the last year,” the report says".

Chi, come la produttrice Lorella Zanardo, incontra fianziatori e banchieri con tavoli e muri su cui troneggiamo immagini di donne esposte come oggetti sessuali si chiede giustamente:
"This is a man who has to decide how many women will be in decision-making positions in his company,” she says. “How does he separate these subliminal messages from reality when he makes these decisions?".

Se poi il nostro amatissimo premier continua a giustificarsi così:
"Last year he apologized for not being able to combat growing rape numbers by explaining, “We don’t have enough soldiers to stop rape because our women are so beautiful",
che possiamo fare, se del resto:
"To understand an Italian woman, you have to understand Italian men"?
Capire certi uomini è arduo, molto arduo, ne converrete ...

Ci si mette poi anche la "tradizione" a spingere verso certe visioni:
"Many traditional Italians feel that mothers are the best caregivers for young children"
anche se nello stesso tempo
"despite this idealization of the Italian mother, Italy’s birthrate is the lowest in Europe, at 1.3 children. Women who must work feel they have to choose between the job and children"

Infine, Mr. B cala la sua pietra tombale sulla questione:
"He appointed an ex-showgirl, Mara Carfagna, to be Italy’s minister of equal opportunity. Her topless-photo calendars still hang in the back halls of the Italian Parliament. Although she makes speeches promoting “equal rights and equal dignity” for women, Berlusconi himself is unapologetic on the topic. At a recent rally he said there was one way for women to ensure their future happiness and financial security: “Look for a wealthy boyfriend,” he told a shocked crowd. “This suggestion is not unrealistic"

La ricetta sembra esserci, ma non è semplice come cambiare canale...:
"It’s clear that Berlusconi’s ouster—were it to happen—would weaken the toxic link between politics, the media, and gender discrimination. “His departure would send a relevant message,” says Del Boca. But it will take Italians of both genders to reprogram their way of thinking if any real progress is going to be made. And just changing the channel won’t be enough".

Hasta luego.

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