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The Cap'n needs our support!

 Those who love ICT, or just feel a bit "nerdy", or simply are fond of the history of computing, will know for sure who John Draper is.
He is one of the most outstanding geek characters in computing history, and he is also known as "Captain Crunch"; the legend - and Wikipedia as well - says that:
"[...] a toy whistle that was, at the time, packaged in boxes of Cap'n Crunch cereal could emit a tone at precisely 2600 hertz—the same frequency that was used by AT&T long lines to indicate that a trunk line was ready and available to route a new call.[2] This would effectively disconnect one end of the trunk, allowing the still connected side to enter an operator mode. Experimenting with this whistle inspired Draper to build blue boxes: electronic devices capable of reproducing other tones used by the phone company [...]".
Now, the Cap'n needs our help for an urgent surgery, necessary to save him the use of his hands and arms.
Please give generously to help John Draper stay healthy and possibly give the geek community more of his genius; you can donate via Paypal (I myself just did) or other means - just visit this page.

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