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The Economics of Giving It Away – Free is not Enough?


My RSS feeds did it again…!

I was alerted about a new snippet by the "long-tailed guru" :) Chris Anderson, which featured a WSJ article about "The Economics of Giving It Away".

As usual, a couple of excerpts just to appetize your reading hunger:

"Expect the shift toward open source software which is free) and Web-based productivity tools such as Google Docs (also free) to accelerate."

"Free is not enough. It also has to be matched with Paid. Just as King Gillette's free razors only made business sense paired with expensive blades, so will today's Web entrepreneurs have to not just invent products that people love, but also those that they will pay for."

I personally find Anderson's articles enlightening and crystal clear - what should I do look for more?!

Enjoy your reading!!

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