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OK, what's the very next thing they'll want to know about me?!

I'd just like to point out that the key is in that expression: "if you let it"...
Nothing's unavoidably written in your destiny - just watch your clicks and connect your brain - That's it!!

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Together with IBM, Google has launched a new Google Health initiative: the service will now be able to pull data directly from various medical devices: heart rate monitors, scales, blood-sugar measurement meters and so on.

That’s right, besides knowing pretty much everything about you, if you let it, Google can now pull personal information directly from your body.

Google Now Knows Your Heart Rate

There are very palpable benefits to this; for example, your personal trainer, doctor or nutritionist will now be able to remotely monitor how your body works. Eat too many donuts, and your insulin level will skyrocket; but if you give access to your blood sugar level monitor to your doctor, he’s going to have that “you’re not listening to me” frown next time you visit him.

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